Photo courtesy of the MalaiSami FoundationAn Obituary of Swami VenPuravi Aadhavan (1911-2002)

Swami Aadhavan Passionate scholar of Aaiyyanism and a founding academic of the Aaiyyan School of Silence (maunaM). 14 February 2002.

(Special thanks go out to Bala Maari for allowing us to use his interview on this website and the MalaiSami foundation for the use of the only photograph of VenPuravi Aadhavan.)

VenPuravi Aadhavan, Aaiyyanist scholar, Swami, renunciate and political prisoner: born Tamil Nadu 12 September 1911; Assistant Swami on 'The teachings of Guru Vithi Telgu', DevaNesan's Ashram 1945-58; Swami, School of VetriVel, DuraiKannan's Asham 1958-63 (whilst also in prison); 'Reader of Dattriya', Aaiyyanist school of maunaM 1964-67 (whilst also in and out of prison); Work in Tibet and Nepal, and wandering sannyassin 1970-2002. Died, Mysore 14th February 2002. (Special thanks go out to Bala Maari to allow us to use his interview on this webpage and the MalaiSami foundation for the use of the photograph .)


It was in the village of Vandavasi, that VenPuravi Aadhavan, was born on the 12th of January 1911. His parents had a deeply held spiritual inclination and he was brought up as an Aaiyyanist. From the very beginning, he had a very deep love and attraction for the 10th Guru: Tikshnapriya Sarasvata and he later recognised him as his spiritual guide. He also had a deep devotion and reverence for another great sage, Jagadhguru Kanyakubja, who was one of the main exponents of the Harita (or green form) of Aaiyyanism.

As a small child, VenPuravi Aadhavan began to have mystical experiences and visions of various saints unknown and known to him. He also had clairvoyance, healing powers and knowledge of future events as well as a deep interest in the rights of the poor and the downcast. He however did not proceed down the spiritual path until after leaving university at he age of 25. He followed the conforming Aaiyyanist path, until when in 1945 he was initiated into the Harita order by Adept Elilmangai and was thus transformed spiritually and para-spiritually into Swami Aadhavan. It was this moment on that Guru Aadhavan made it his life's work to help the poor, the spiritually disaffected, the persecuted and the destitute at great risk to his own life. He was in fact to spend 12 years in prison, lose his most respected disciple and be persecuted himself for his literal interpretation of Aaiyyanism. This site is dedicated to the memory of VenPuravi Aadhavan, the champion of peace - 'The Walker through Shadows'.